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Music Ed Tech Talk

Oct 31, 2022

Dr. Scott Watson (Professor of Music at Carin University, band director, composer, and YouTuber) joins the show to talk about his favorite technology, tips for rehearsing honors ensembles, his favorite young band compositions, and more!

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Show Notes:

App of the Week: Robby - AnyTune / Downie
Scott Watson - NotePerformer

Album of the Week: Robby - Arch Echo - You Won’t Believe What Happens Next! Scott Watson - Barbers Overture to School for Scandal: / Stravinsky Octet for Wind Instruments:

Where to Find Us: Robby - Twitter | Blog | Book
Scott Watson - Twitter | Website

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More on Scott:

Dr. Scott Watson is Professor of Music at Cairn University (Langhorne, PA), teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in music composition/arranging, music education and technology. For 35 years he was an instrumental and elective music teacher in the Parkland School District (Allentown, PA), first as high school Director of Bands, then as coordinator of the elementary band/strings program across the district. He is a frequently commissioned composer with more than 100 published pieces for band and strings at all levels that have been performed around the world at venues including the Academy of Music (Philadelphia), the Midwest Clinic (Chicago) and the White House (Washington, D.C.). He is an exclusive composer/clinician for Alfred Publications and a contributor for their Sound Innovations band series. Watson has presented numerous workshops/clinics for music educators, frequently serves as guest conductor/clinician for honor/festival bands, and is the author of the highly regarded music education text, Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity (©2011, Oxford University Press). To learn more, visit


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